February 16, 2010

The beloved curse of the Chile Pepper

I've found myself in dreams of burning tongues and fiery sweat dripping down a heavy breathing face ever so good. I've become addicted to anything Chile. It's an addiction that has taken stronghold over my appetite that I can't resist. Whatever is put in front of me to be devoured I find it necessary to douse it in the beautiful flavors of habanero, cayenne, bolivian rainbow, reds, serrano, savinas or tabasco peppers. The citrus aroma of a habanero makes my taste buds tingle, and my glands flow like a waterfall.

I long for late summer days of ripening peppers in the yard, where the joy of harvest brings pain to my mouth. Homemade hot sauce, home ground chile pepper, chile breads, chile omelets, chile chili, pickled chile's, and sun dried chile's fill my thoughts. Oh, to live in a world surrounded by peppers.

I... am Chile Head.

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