December 1, 2009

Man it's Cold out

Michigan sure has a change of weather fast. I know I should have expected this being the end of November and all, however, I really have been a slacker at winterizing my house. I got MOST of the storm windows in but 4 of them broke last year and I have yet to take them in to get fixed. I also haven't even purchased the insulating plastic I normally hang on the windows in early November to save energy.

I am still doing good though. My gas usage was the lowest it's been in 4 years for November. This could only be because it has been so warm and we haven't seen an inkling of snow yet. I did install a new digital thermostat last year that is programmed to not go above 60 during the day (when we are at work) and 66 when we are home. It's chilly but comfortable with a hoody or sweatshirt on.

I have to lay out hay in the dog house as well and hang a new swinging door. He isn't out there 24/7 so don't freak out. The dog is only out there when we are at work. He has a covered insulated house with a floor 5 inches from the ground which is generously supplied with a thick layer of hay. It's inside a covered and wind protected kennel that has plenty of space. He wears a neoprene body suit that keeps him perfectly warm all day long. I have a thermometer in the dog house and even when it is below zero it is still a nice and balmy 45 degrees in the dog house.

Either way, I have a lot to do yet and I'd better hurry. Forecast calls for a snowy mix this weekend. I really have to get to it before there's a blanket of snow.

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