June 18, 2008

New Blog?

So, yea, I've decided to start a blog in a new and foreign place. I've had the traditional xanga and then MySpace blogs but having everyone you know on the face of the planet read about your everyday life is a little strange. So I decided to just not tell anyone and let the world find me on their own. I'm sure whatever I blog about will show up in google search engines and if not, who cares?

I plan to blog about everything. That is the plan as of now and it could change as we go, who knows? I plan to make this a visual blog as I am a hobbying photographer as well.

I am from Grand Rapids, Mi and was born and raised here. I love this city and hope to always be a part of it wherever my life path takes me. I love taking pictures and I love being outside.

That's all for now.


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